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Hello all,
Like the title says, I'm looking to add to my Giancarlo Stanton collection. Unfortunately, my collection is still in storage (after moving last fall), so I can't trade at the moment (and my Org is in desperate need of updating). So, I have the next best thing available...Paypal!

I'm open to just about anything--but probably not any high end autos from 2011-2015. I just don't have the budget and autos aren't a big priority at the moment.

I'm especially interested in inserts from 2014-2016, SN (from any year), and anything from 2008-2010.

If you have a decent quantity of different cards available (like 20+), I won't nitpick as to whether they'd be duplicates for me or not. But I'm not looking to buy lots of 2014 Topps base either.

Also, if you're a Stanton collector, keep me in mind for future trades. I have a decent collection with lots of dupes (like 300+).

Drop me a line via PM and I'll respond to all within a day.

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Check me out.
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Thanks guys, responses sent.
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