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Went on an excursion with my brother. Checking toy stores and retail shops and the like. Hit a shopping center about 40 mins up the road.

First I found this guy at a Movie Stop. Only baseball figure they had and it's a pretty sweet variant!

[Image: 20160306_193036-1_zpsl3310hma.jpg]
[Image: 20160306_193146-1_zpss225ti0m.jpg]

Then we went to a small LCS. Not too much new stuff but they had some things that were nice. Then I saw a piece that peaked my interest. Well I had some stuff with me and was able to strike a deal for this beauty! Yaz/5
[Image: 20160306_110647-1_zpsisgz5au3.jpg]
[Image: 20160306_022341-1_zpsxzmepmpr.jpg]

Now the curious thing about the card is that when I checked the OPG, there is no base Yaz AU/5 listed in 2008 Prime Cuts. Also, I noticed that's not the sticker that was on those magnetics. It was driving me crazy. Was it a buyback? A re-issue? Then upon further inspection, I noticed this stamp....
[Image: 20160306_194503-1_zpsreulfxg7.jpg]
It's from a rare Donruss Black Box! What a find!

Based on the deal I made I have an idea for a value but just wondering what the Beckett Community thinks on a value. Any feedback is appreciated!
Nice finds! I'm not sure of a value but it's a beauty.
If I remember right the Black boxes were a promotion for dealers to do with them what they wanted. I remember our LCS randomized them and gave the cards out for free. I think everything was numbered to 5 or lower but not sure may have been 15. Hope that helps it has been a number of years since then. Nice card
once78- So they weren't Convention/Summit VIP exclusives like they are now? Hmm? But I guess it makes sense, cause why would this little store in Jersey have one....?

Don't know how many other cards are out there. I see one Frank Robinson and one George Brett on the Bay.
my black box rc autos from 2012 were actually issued in 2013. I believe its like a modern day buyback. But all of mine are from 2012 and #'d 1/1, But they are all pack pulled not promotions or from events. Either way you YAZ is still an awesome rare card /5!
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