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Full Version: Kris Bryant Camo SP
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so long trade gone bad story from another site... i have this 2016 Topps Camo Bryant SP... it has a small crease in the bottom back corner... in the right light its clearly visible to me... the scans don't actually look too bad but i zoomed in on the back corner in question. the crease is in the darkest colored portion closest to coerner (bottom right hand corner if looking from the front) this card is making me itch but maybe it might find a home. i am trading at half off BV or selling for $12 shipped. i have marked for sale and trade in org appropriately... please ask if additional questions

 photo kbryantfront_zpslarfiwhk.jpg
 photo kbryantback_zpsyfvoygrq.jpg
 photo bryantcrease_zps3pjqm3kb.jpg
From the scans, it really doesn't look bad, I had to zoom way in on my screen to see it at all. And even then I think I saw the small crease. I got a Miguel Sano RC from 2016 that has a large crease. Even though it's a base RC, still kinda sucks.
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