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Hello been awhile since I posted here thought I'd share with you my Series 2 breaks

Really the only card that matters of posting!!! Picture below

Other cards of note:
Stanislav Galiev Young Guns Clear Acetate
Sam Bennett Program of Excellence Canvas (Error Card)
Bobby Orr Retired Stars Canvas

Mcdavid Rookie Breakouts Acetate Gold #/25
URL=][Image: IMG_20160226_030607_zpsdn8ndbmh.jpg][/URL]
Amazing card!


The POE, Orr canvas and acetate are cool too!

Nice card!
Killed those boxes twice lol congrats!
NICE HIT!!!! GREAT CARD!!!!! Open offer sent for your Yzerman
Nice hit, and a great photo! Did you use an iPhone?
Sweet card, I'll bet that will bring in a kings ransom. It's a small kingdom in the grand scheme of things, but still. .. that's if you plan to move it
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