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Looking to trade for the following prospect autos... My org is completely open to Bowman Chrome autos, especially color. I'm not worried about trading down if the value is there. I will be pickier on non-chrome stuff for the prospects, although I am interested in all autos or low #'d.
1. Rowdy Tellez (Jays)
2. Chance Sisco (Orioles)
3. Phil Bickford (Giants)
4. Andrew Suarez (Giants)
5. Ryan Mountcastle (Orioles)
6. Luis Ortiz (Rangers)

Young Players:
1. Giancarlo Stanton (Base RC's on up)
2. Taijuan Walker (Base bowman chrome autos on up, low #'d RC autos, low #'d RC's)
3. Mookie Betts (RC parallels and rookie/pre-rookie autos)
4. Xander Bogaerts (RC or prospect autos and Parallel RC's)
5. Blake Swihart (Topps chrome or bowman chrome autos... will consider others)
6. Christian Yelich (Low #'d RC parallels under /50(not prospect), bowman chrome autos, and serial #'d topps chrome rc autos)

I have lots of stuff loaded up and more on the way. Again, I am happy to trade down to get these if the value is there. Please consider that I have all my cards listed, including these players (you never know when the right deal comes your way)... I prefer to trade away players who are not on this list, but will consider all offers.
Sent an offer
Sent an offer
(02-20-2016 09:58 PM)leadmetogreatness Wrote: [ -> ]Sent an offer

Bump this up!
I'm not sure what I have in but I may have something for you if you want to take a look Dom.
Bump this up.
Still looking... Especially for Rowdy and Sisco. Any out there?
Bumpity up up... Shimmer Ortiz auto heading my way... Looking for more
Any Rowdy Rowdy Tellez out there? How about some xander/mookie/swihart?
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