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My new favorite is the 2nd one, cuz it's grad Able!

2004 SPX Gold #d 04/25

[Image: 04SPXGold_zpsaovqaqls.jpg]

2004 Leaf Limited Contenders Preview Ticket #d 18/25

[Image: 04LeafLimitedContendersPreviewA_zpsia0ccqzy.jpg][Image: 04LeafLimitedContendersPreviewB_zpsibulnwtj.jpg]

Thanks for looking!
Congrats on the pickups!
Nice pickups and milestone!
I've always loved those SPx duals....beautiful cards and amazing collection!
Sweet bro bro!!! Congrats man!!!!
Good stuff! And congrats on the milestone!
Very nice pick ups! You may want to check the sticky smudges on the sticker before grading. I believe those will cost you greatly on the surface grade. Ask someone who does a lot of grading, like pudge or nolan5000. They can certainly offer better insight than I, and maybe even a way to clean that up. Great stuff though! Thanks for sharing!
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