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Does anyone have any information or opinions about a 2005 TOPPS DRAFT PICKS & PROSPECTS AARON RODGERS RC SUPERFRACTOR TEST PROOF NO STAMP 1/1. I just purchased it and I tried to get it appraised by Beckett. But Beckett issued me a refund with an email stating that they could not appraise this card because it is missing the 1/1 serial numbers. Does anyone have an idea of what the value is on this card or any knowledge that I could soak up. I would greatly appreciate any input. Thanks
I have seen a lot of similar cards over the past year pop up on eBay. Usually a single seller has a ton of different ones and they list them as "test" cards. These were either cut out from an uncut sheet, released directly from Topps via the Topps Vault as test cards (usually they are have Topps hologram stickers on them and come with COAs), or are straight up forgeries. The ability to forge a superfractor is very possible, just check out some of the custom cards that Mouschi makes.
If you bought this off of eBay and it didn't come with a COA from Topps then I would return it for a full refund, especially if you check the seller's listings and see a ton of other "test" cards.
I don't like "test cards" as mentioned - Topps is making money on these with everyone from Wacky Packages to cards like this- value, is really what someone willing to pay. Not much demand. I think just kind of a gimmick for Topps to make more $
I will only pick up "test" or "proof" cards from defunct companies or if they have been pre-slabbed (see the card below). And usually only if it is a card I never intend to sell. If you PC Rogers then cool. If you were hoping to turn a profit, chalk it up as a learning experience.

I have to agree with above. This card more closely falls into the "oddball" category. It's a really cool addition to an Aaron Rodgers collection, and a great pick up if that is why you bought it. But if you were looking to "flip for a profit", it will never really have a concrete value outside of whatever someone is willing to pay. It will not ever get listed as an "official" card or part of a public release, and cannot be "certified as genuine" because it wasn't meant to be released at it currently exists.


I just looked up the original auction. I don't know what your buying price was, but looking at their asking price, I'd ask for my money back IMMEDIATELY. Personally speaking, I would not be able to return the card fast enough.

I cannot stress this enough, the value I put on that card is a VERY VERY SMALL FRACTION of that asking price.

I question if you will EVER be able to authenticate that card.
I hadn't bothered to check completed listings, but it looks like the card sold for $340. Now one up side is that there is printing on the back of the card near Rodgers face that says "Not Valid Without Sticker". The reason I say that is an upside is because someone who was counterfeiting the card probably wouldn't have added that. Thus the card may indeed have come from Topps, but whether it was a true test card released by Topps Vault or cut from an sheet is unknown. Based on the wear along the top edge of the card I would guess that it came from a sheet. Again this is just a guess though. It might be worth an inquiry with the seller as to how he attained the card, and if he says it was directly from Topps see if he has any type of paper trail to prove it. Having the proof will definitely justify some of the value.
That being said, I have seen similar cards of players I collect and I would never buy one unless it came directly from Topps Vault (with the Topps Vault COA and hologram sticker on the card). Otherwise there are too many possibilities and no proof as to origin.
Here is one that sold on eBay for a pretty penny.
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