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Had a nice stretch of trades, boxes and online breaks! These will all be listed FT. Looking for whatever catches my eye! The Trout/Carew is PC but could be had for a nice Trout RC or standalone Mem card of similar value.

Also, shoutout to the awesome traders here on Beckett! I know there's been people saying "it's not like it used to be" but we do have great collectors here and more good ones have been joining! Keep it up!

[Image: 20160123_182617-1_zpsaxfjqlc7.jpg]
[Image: 20160205_184707-1_zpstbqqyq3w.jpg]
[Image: 20160205_184450-1_zpsleyxngo5.jpg]
[Image: 20160204_173613-1_zps9llibqro.jpg]
[Image: 20160206_225254-1_zpsruijrlxp.jpg]
[Image: 20160204_173422-1_zpsgiyuov2x.jpg]
Nice bunch of cards. Ripken card is really a good looking card.
Great stuff man. Love the Ripken and Kershaw.
Very nice looking Ripken indeed! I would be interested in trying to get the Kershaw, open offer sent.
Nice Haul! I like the Clemens reminds me of the Football versions of those cards.
Al beautiful cards. Really nice patch on the Cabrera.
Nice stuff! You a Tigers fan? Interested in the Dual and the Miggy if ft.
Like the Ripken and kershaw
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