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Over in bigtrip18's thread he posted a cool project of putting together an auto roster of his championship team. I did a take off of this and started a new series of custom cards commemorating my fantasy win this year:

I hope to put together all the players who graced my roster from the sleeper picks like Williams and Langford to guys who contributed nothing (David Cobb). If this were an actual product, I would have bronze, silver, gold, and platinum borders for those parallel/rainbow hunters along with some different photo effects on the picture. Another parallel would be a die-cut version

Before the holidays I created a limited run of 5 replica relic cards celebrating the Packers win over the Lions. With apologies to fans of the losing team, that's just good football no matter who you root for. I sent four out to people on the boards and kept one for myself

My intent for the design would be to color shift the green and yellow to the primary/secondary colors of the team depicted
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