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Hey every one I have a couple of new sets I want to finish.

The stack on the right are base doubles I can trade. I don't want to add them all to my org. If you need some send me a list and I'll add what I have.

Scott23hitman is hooking me up with all but 219. Awesome!
[Image: F9074B4A-8635-48FC-8B61-0E34FDF209CC_zps00qyh7bh.jpg]

I'm looking for the cards to /99. I have added several of the parallel autos to my org. Here are my needs.
[Image: F4539811-A748-4C79-88D8-7389B555DD3A_zpsr8gtudli.jpg]
Offer sent on the Gypsy.
(02-03-2016 07:23 PM)scott23hitman Wrote: [ -> ]Offer sent on the Gypsy.

I got your offer, thank you! I'll pull the cards, accept, and ship tomorrow.
Only 219 needed now.
check me on the gypsy
(02-05-2016 03:41 PM)once78 Wrote: [ -> ]check me on the gypsy

Scott23hitman hooked me up with all but 219. I checked and you don't have that one. Thanks for the offer.
Open offer sent
Hey if your looking for another set of the reg. with variations I have a set that complete and a complete reg. mini set too.
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