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Title says it all. Here are some of notables from my collection. If we can't figure something out in trade then I've got PP so we can do a cash/trade deal.

The 11 Sterling Harper is a gold ref /50

[Image: 12c20923f67587b8038131a98abd6603_zpsfdz7u1sw.jpg]

[Image: 9d3c7364d648667266e15e3a913986c7_zps6fv5pvdo.jpg]

[Image: fe8ef0714ac49c7b09f9edf8669a50aa_zpsyi3eb6ab.jpg]

[Image: 7843d55c7fec55a8cccc6a24fe9779bf_zpseewx211s.jpg]

[Image: 8a33816d8dad4b47739468e09779857b_zpsstlcl8kj.jpg]

[Image: 1ca22334cb56debc9d0fa827faf8a4c5_zpsd5neykko.jpg]

[Image: 54b7e923cb87a2e1013cb3d8fec1b48c_zpscp5hzxbf.jpg]
WOW, those are some amazing cards! I love that Bryant Stadium Club. Hope you find the Harper!
Thanks, I've been doing a few trades a month offline but now that the season is about to start back up I'm back on the hunt. It will give me something to do since the Braves are going to have a terrible year in all likelihood.
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