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Needed some opinions. I bought one of the 100 boxes of the Superbreak Game-Used Memorabilia. I paid a little more than $300.
My hit ... and it could have been much worse ... was a pair of game-worn cleats of Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz. I realize he was injured last season, but the item is a really nice pair of Nike red-blue-silver Size 12s. They have the dirt and grass stains and two reputable COAs.
Should I be happy? I am mixed. For that money, it should just be superstars. I have seen Muggsy Bogues game-worn shoes, Dave Righetti autographed but not game-worn jersey and Rex Chapman game-worn shorts. This were and are mediocre players. Same goes for Jamaal Mashburn.
Any thoughts? Again, the spikes are really sweet. The player is just so-so. But playing in a big market may help.
Once Cruz gets healthy, he's extremely popular, I wouldn't worry much about the value right now.
For $300 and what you could have gotten, I think you did real nice. Just like buying packs/boxes/cases vs singles, if there was something specific you want it's usually most cost effective to go buy that instead of hoping to pull it.
The cleats are really nice. I wish they were signed, but I am willing to wait. I figure OBJ Will get doubled a lot, freeing up opportunities for Cruz. I will try and post a photo. Thanks product is very hit or miss. I have seen LeBron shorts and and then Muggsy Bogues shoes. Quite a difference.
Like any product there are winners and losers. More so with products like this, it is all about gambling. You could hit something worth $1,000 or hit something worth $100. Unfortunately the Cruz shoes fall on the low side in terms of getting $300 worth. That is why a lot of collectors now just wait for someone else to open the product and buy exactly what they want. The upside is Cruz is a good receiver in a big market, so if he can have a good year or two then you might not have done so bad in terms of value.
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