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Hello. I got a 9 for an Auto Topps Finest Beckham Rookie. It could pass for a 10, but I rather have it in a magnetic case instead of getting it regraded and possibly getting another 9.. I have 2 questions...

After cracking the case, can I leave it in the BGS plastic sleeve and place it in a magnetic case while still in the plastic sleeve?

For a topps Finest Auto 2014, what magnetic point size should I go with? a 20 ? 35?

I've searched for the answers and couldn't find them. Id appreciate any helpful answers
Hey BC. For your second question, which subset is the Beckham auto from? Is it a jumbo jersey auto, patch auto, or an auto on what looks like a base card? For the first question I'm not certain. I want to say those sleeves are more or less sized for the card to fit in their case. I can't say I've seen a lot of cards in a plastic sleeve then in a mag case but I don't use them all that often.

Out of curiosity, what were all the sub grades for the card? I know generally centering isn't an issue with Finest but sometimes the surface can be a bit cloudy or dusty from the factory which a microfiber cloth can address.
Thanks for the reply. It's an Auto on the 2014 topps finest base card. The Pulsar version. All the sub grades were Amazing. All 9.5's.. but the Auto is a 9. It bothers me to see the 9 because the Auto is perfect in my eyes. I intend on cracking it open since I will never barter with the card anyway.

I'm hesitant about cutting it out of it's plastic sleeve, but will do so to get it into a magnetic case. Would need to know the best point case to go with. Also, why don't you use magnetics? Is there a better option out there? From what I read they are superior to screwdowns. Just Recently got back into collecting after years away from the hobby. Mainly because I'M a Giants Die hard and Beckham is the best player I've seen in a Giants uniform Since L.T. Thanks again for your reply
I'll add my $.02
There's no way I'd ever even consider breaking a card that's graded GEM with all 9.5 subs, ever. The fact that it got a 9 auto grade doesn't really matter, a lot of them do, especially on sticker autos.
Add to the fact that the BGS holder is going to protect that card multitudes better than a one touch magnetic, and I'd put it in a graded card bag, and leave it alone.

Myself, I don't use anything but toploaders, even for high end. Magnetics, screwdowns, etc. give you a false sense of security. Cards can move around in them way to easily, even in the proper size, which can and will lead to damaged edges.
Think about it, BGS seals cards in what's basically a penny sleeve, why? So the card doesn't move within the slab. Same idea with a toploader. Penny sleeve so card doesn't move, and sealed in a team bag, done.
For some reason I read it as the grade was a 9. If you got 9.5s as the card grade and a 9 on the auto, I'd keep that in the case. Beckett used to list out grades 5-10 on the auto grade and what would cause an autograph to generally fall into each one. I can't find it anymore but here's a post on another forum that helpfully kept it -

9 - "This is a signature that is also very pleasing, but has slight imperfections that barely detract from the autograph. Very light bubbling or micro scratching is allowable, but no yellowing, fading, or smearing. Positioning should be nearly perfect – with just the very tips of a letter or two cut off or hidden."
(01-30-2016 02:40 PM)BeckhamCards Wrote: [ -> ]because the Auto is perfect in my eyes.

Could you provide a scan? It would help us to see why the Auto received a 9. Beckett is a real stickler on Auto Grades.
(02-02-2016 05:22 PM)nolan5000 Wrote: [ -> ]Could you provide a scan? It would help us to see why the Auto received a 9. Beckett is a real stickler on Auto Grades.

It's slightly faded, as if the marker was running out of Inc.. but the others I've seen of the exact card have the same problem. To me it's perfect because well... it's OBJ. Based on what the gentleman above said, Im going to keep it encased. No way in heLL I will risk it in a magnetic if it puts the card in a position of impending doom.

That brings me to another question. I have some other valuable Beckhams sitting in top loaders.. I planned on getting them all into magnetics or screwdowns. Is it best off I leave them in penny sleeves inside the top loader instead of transferring them? I never imagined that would be safer then the screwdowns or the new magnetics. But it would make sense considering there is a inner plastic. Can I use a plastic in a magnetic? Is it only toploaders that can safely use the penny sleeve? I wanted the magnetic because I thought they looked alot nicer for the look of the card then the penny sleeve/ toploader combo.but if it puts the card in any jeopardy whatsoever I would no way even consider it. Is the top loader and sleeve the way to go for all cards of value other then the BGS case?

Grateful for the reply's. Thanks alot for the help and advice. I can't go into this thing blindly I spent way to much building it to jeopardize them in any way. I believed Magnetics were the real deal in card safety.
Death to screw downs, especially the old school ones without the recess. The mags look nice in my opinion and display well but for valued cards I leave them in penny sleeve + top loader + team bag. The real expensive ones (relatively) I send off for grading and send them in semi-rigid cases + penny sleeve + team bag.

Glad to see new people asking questions personally. I like sharing advice and reading the advice of others. I've picked up some great stuff from people over the years on these boards.
Myself, I'd still like to see a picture of the Auto.
The sig crosses over his right hand I know but it's Beckhams right hand so it doesn't lose any value in my eyes. It's priceless to me anyway.

Off topic, What was the best highlight of Ryan's career if you had to boil it down to just one.

And a hypothetical, Would you store your best Ryan's in magnetics if there was no such thing as Bgs? Are they really that unsafe to the card if it's the right point size? I read somewhere that tiny air bubbles in a penny sleeve can damage the card over time in the toploader. Don't know how reliable a statement that was though. Thanks

Edit; tried posting the pic but kept saying file to large. I will downsize it and have it posted within a few days
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