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(02-03-2016 04:42 PM)BeckhamCards Wrote: [ -> ]The sig crosses over his right hand I know but it's Beckhams right hand so it doesn't lose any value in my eyes. It's priceless to me anyway.

Off topic, What was the best highlight of Ryan's career if you had to boil it down to just one.

And a hypothetical, Would you store your best Ryan's in magnetics if there was no such thing as Bgs? Are they really that unsafe to the card if it's the right point size? I read somewhere that tiny air bubbles in a penny sleeve can damage the card over time in the toploader. Don't know how reliable a statement that was though. Thanks

Edit; tried posting the pic but kept saying file to large. I will downsize it and have it posted within a few days

On your off topic: It's a tough one. I'll think about it.

What about you? Is it the catch against My 'Boys?

I probably wouldn't still be collecting, IF there was no BGS.
Magnetics are fine, especially if you put them in a graded card bag.

Cards can obviously come out of the top of the toploader if you don't put them in one with a snug fit and a team bag, and I've seen hundreds of derelicts simply destroy the lower right corner of a card by shoving them into a penny sleeve ... probably more than half of the cards I've gotten on FleaBay have a nice little snowy corner.

I avoid this by pre-cutting the long edge of the sleeve on the top right corner by about half an inch, so that I can slide the card in clean.
I can't picture this. It's probably good I buy BGS Graded cards.
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