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Have these 2015 Topps and Bowman Chrome Draft Inserts for trade or sell. All I have left of 2015 singles

2015 Topps
Inspired Play - 2,4,7,9,12
First Pitch 5,6,11,13,14
Highlight of the Year 1,3,6,8,10,11,14,17,26
Free Agent 2,7,12,15
Baseball History 2b,5a,9b,11a,14a,15b
Archetypes 4,5,6,9,11,13,14,18,21,22
Rainbow Foil 45,242,252,263,331
Gold 188,189,314,349

2015 Bowman Chrome Draft
Refractors 52,96,130,154,178,192
Sky Blue Refractors 16, 41
Blue Refractors 75

2015 Bowman Chrome Prospects Orange Wave refractors
bcp173, bcp217, bcp180, bcp236

2015 Bowman Draft
Blue 173
Draft Night 2
Draft Dividends TW, RM
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