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I'm leaving the hobby. My life is kind of spin out of control. Send and reasonable offer. What I don't sell today goes to the bay.
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 photo image_zpsufofad9f.jpeg
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Hey John, I hate to see you go. I hope everything turns out okay.
(01-18-2016 04:11 PM)Hofcollector Wrote: [ -> ]Hey John, I hate to see you go. I hope everything turns out okay.
Ugh this sucks. Thank you Matt.

My whole org. HOF and my Braves PC.
Sorry to hear that John. Hope things work out for you.

Just sent you an offer for things I might be interested in. Hopefully I can help you out.
Might could use the OPC and Leaf Pucketts. I am going to have to do a reslab submission to PSA anyways.
damn, your one of those i remembered and remember you being her for a long long time. be good fella
What???? That stinks man! Whatever it is I hope things take a turn for the better!

Good luck buddy!
Thank you everyone. I will respond to everyone in the next few days. Im going to be off for a couple days.
Sorry to hear that. message sent.
John, this sucks to hear... I hope all is well feel free to hit me up whenever. You have truly made a friend here and many others clearly. Keep your head up and hope you get back into the hobby again in the future.
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