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I have done well with the blasters recently, especially considering Kris Bryant. I have only opened a few, put I've pulled a Bryant Throwback variation RC and a Topps Update Chrome Pulsar RC in the same pack as a Correa Update Chrome Pulsar RC.

But today's pull takes the cake.

Not sure if I'm going to sell, trade or keep this beauty, but if I were to trade it would have to be for a VERY nice Twins card. VERY VERY VERY Nice.

[Image: image_3.jpeg]

[Image: image_4.jpeg]
Nice hit bud, congrats
Retail!?! Outstanding! Congrats on an amazing hit!
Nice pull buddy.
I didn't even know they had plates in retail...nice hit
Nicely done.
congrats on the sweet pull
Thanks y'all. It couldn't believe it out of the retail either. When I opened the pack, there was a purple refractor in there, too, that I saw first. I was pumped for the refractor, but then the plate was right on top of it.

Suffice to say, I was pretty pumped.

The plate itself is a little roughed up in some areas, but I'm not complaining. Smile
Awesome, and coming from retail is even greater. Congratulations
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