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My friend cracked a box of 2015 Topps High Tek and pulled two nice hits. A Noah Syndergaard base RC autograph and a Derek Jeter Clouds Diffractor #'d/25.

He also still has a 2012 Bowman Sterling Jesse Winker Gold Autograph #'d/50 available.

They are all available for trade for Twins. I'm specifically looking for a Byron Buxton autograph, or other twins HOF and star autographs. Not looking to sell or trade down on these.

PM me with offers. Thank you
I have a Trevor Plouffe, Trevor May and a Danny Santana autographs. The Santana and May have relics too. Are you interested? If so I'll put them in my organizer. I'm looking for Yankee autos/relics, but just of certain players.
Not really interested in those guys. Thanks
I have a Joe Mauer supreme auto relic to 5. Lmk. Thanks.
That sounds interesting. What are you interested in? The Syndergaard?
SnappyJoe: Do you have any pictures?
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