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I'm looking to buy or trade for Chipper on card autos. I'm mostly looking for harder to find stuff, but will take a look at anything.

I have a bunch of Chipper autos for trade.
Anybody have any Chippers?

Im new to the Beckett forums but 100% positive feedback on eBay and blowout (same username)
What do you have for trade?
(12-02-2015 11:48 PM)buckles2335 Wrote: [ -> ]What do you have for trade?

Several low to high end chipper on card autos. Trying to upload a picture, hopefully it works.
I really like the clear rookie reprint auto. I have a few not listed. I will PM you a list of what I have.
Anybody tonight?
The one is sticker btw
(12-06-2015 08:11 PM)buckles2335 Wrote: [ -> ]The one is sticker btw

Thanks, I thought it might be. I have all of the ones you sent me but I appreciate the time.
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