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2000 Bowman Chrome Draft Pick Adrian Gonzalez BGS 9.5
We have just received an additional card to add to the list! A 2014 Supreme Supreme Scope auto patch of Josh Donaldson

Well done!

Another card added! 2013 Bowman Chrome Michael Wacha yellow refractor! Sweet card!
are these extras or is someone giving more than 1 card?
(11-27-2015 06:13 PM)ounagi Wrote: [ -> ]are these extras or is someone giving more than 1 card?

These are all cards that have been added to the original gifts. If you look at the Secret Santa Card List thread you will notice that there are plus (+) symbols next to certain cards. This indicates that the original card has become a package deal.
More new cards added! A 2014 Museum Collection dual relic auto Yoenis Cespedes and a 2011 Tier One On the Rise auto Eric Hosmer.
Another big card was generously added to the Secret Santa list! A 2015 Topps Chrome gold refractor auto /50 Noah Syndergaard!
Another one of our participants has added a sweet card! 2014 Upper Deck Goodwin's Champions Joey Gallo auto. Thanks guys!
We have yet another sweet card added from another generous player. A 2012 SP Signature Cal Ripken Jr. Auto!
And we have another! A 2007 UD Magenta printing plate of Ken Griffey Jr. ! Thanks again everyone!
2 cards generously added by yet another Secret Santa! A 2010 Bowman Platinum J.D. Martinez prospect auto and a 2015 triple threads Jayson Heyward relic /9.
Actually... just got another message. Another beautiful card added. 2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary auto /60 Andre Dawson in Expo's uni. Thank you anonymous person!
And another. A 2014 Bowman Sterling Noah Syndergaard auto was just added generously to our list!
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