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**Take a look at the scans of our cards. We'd love to trade for something new and interesting!**

Hey Everybody. My son and I have been out of the game for a couple of years, but just reloaded our ORG with cards to trade. We're looking for Cubs RCs. I'll try to scan some pix in tomorrow, but if you are bored, have a look.

Also, my old username I think was ryancholden, and I had several dozen trades. My son wanted an account that had "Cubs" in it, so I opened a new account, forgetting until now that I would lose all trade credibility.

Thanks all.

Ryan (and Gabe)

 photo IMG_2161_zpsfaryfl6l.jpg

 photo IMG_2162_zpsngplcqsp.jpg

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 photo IMG_2183_zpslsjb1aw5.jpg
Running low on Cubs stuff, but you can check me if you like. I'm sure I have some stuff! Welcome back!
(11-20-2015 10:32 PM)SF_Giants_2014 Wrote: [ -> ]Running low on Cubs stuff, but you can check me if you like. I'm sure I have some stuff! Welcome back!

Sent you an open offer. No hard feelings if you can't find anything!
I responded. You have a few things I liked, but Beckett trade function is still jacked for me.
I have some Cubs listed, feel free to check them out.

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