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Okie dokie, guess I'm still off on the price. So how does $55 shipped for the whole thing sound? Feel pretty sure just the first scan would bring close to that individually.

Final price drop: $70 shipped.
Figured maybe I was off a bit on the price since no takers so far, so now at $85 shipped.

Alrighty, so I'm moving in a different direction collecting wise, and want to move out some of the stuff from my org.

There are 115 unique cards, so there are a few dupes, but very few.

Asking $100 shipped Priority for this one, and the entire lot can be found in the "Sale Lot" collection in my org.
This is a great lot for you card show guys to make some money on, or just trade bait. At $.80 a card, I think it's a steal!

Here are a few highlights, more autos, parallels, etc. included that aren't shown.
Five Star Montero is 4/10
[Image: Salelot1_zpsaa4viqmj.jpg]
[Image: Salelot2_zpsslvhgomn.jpg]
Anyone interested?
Lets try again
Still available
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