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i need these last 23 cards
2002 traded chrome Refractors
T9 Dustan Mohr
T31 Mike Timlin
T41 Bruce Chen
T51 Carlos Baerga
T64 Chuck Finley
T117 Miguel Olivo
T125 Richard Lane
T127 Javier Colina
T128 Greg Sain -
T130 Gavin Floyd
T143 Chance Caple
T150 Eric Miller
T151 Justin Huber
T172 Bobby Jenks
T190 Brad Nelson
T191 Clint Weibl
T210 Nathan Haynes
#233 Franklyn German
T235 Jorge Padilla
T243 Ryan Church
T248 Angel Guzman
T259 Travis Chapman
can anyone help
even 1 card will help
1 down 22 to go anyone else?
(04-11-2016 11:08 AM)blais2 Wrote: [ -> ]1 down 22 to go anyone else?
I do not have any but I found a dozen of them on COMC for total $22.59 +3.00 shipping. You have some 2016 cards I am interested in, so I could order these for a trade with you, or you can purchase yourself. -Kerry
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