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Full Version: 2013-14 Breaks
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I broke a few boxes of some 213-14 Panini products yesterday and a couple random packs. One box of Totally Certified, one of Titanium, and two of Crown Royale. Here are scans of the hits. Everything is in my org and for trade.

[Image: Break%2010-29%201_zpsph85jb7k.jpg]

[Image: Break%2010-29%202_zpsigegts2z.jpg]

[Image: Break%2010-29%203_zpsxypntyx0.jpg]
Nice break, nice Tyler Johnson RC.

Good break! Is the Yakopov for trade?
offer sent
(10-30-2015 05:46 PM)dan_dou_lea Wrote: [ -> ]Good break! Is the Yakopov for trade?

It was, but it's already been traded.
Sweet Tyler Johnson
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