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I recently purchased a huge lot of cards, and it had this 2000 UD Ionix Alex Rodriguez error card that has McGwire's name on it instead of Rodriguez. I've researched everywhere and cant find another like it, not even another player of any kind in Ionix with a name error. There are other errors in that set, but they are all where the back of the card is a different player, no name errors. Plus its A-Rod, and its the year McGwire broke the HR record, which I think makes it even more special. It looks to me like its definitely one of a kind, as I cant find this error or another like it in Ionix anywhere, it could be the only card they printed with the wrong name, and just happens to be of 2 of the biggest players in the game, the year that one of them had one of the most memorable seasons ever. Anyone have more info on this card, or any suggestions on how to figure out what its worth?

-Also I cant get my picture to attach, its says its too big, I'll try to figure out how to make it a smaller file, as it says 500kb max to attach to this post, and its 3.8MB, any suggestions on that also?

thanks, Henry
For photos, I use and would suggest opening a photobucket account. You can then copy URL and paste in here, and the photo will show up.. They pop up like this..

[Image: Mad%20Bum_zps6osmwmlj.jpg]
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