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If you have done trading with me you know I am extremely active in the minister that minister has been picking up of late. I have not had a lot of time to trade and I know it has taken me forever to get our trades out to you. That is one of the reasons I am getting out the hobby because I just don't have the time. And to all those of you who have waited and waited patiently, I thank you.

I have a lot of really nice cards I was going to open up to the community in wave 3 but because of my time restraints and just how people have talked over the last 6 months...I just lost the love for the hobby.

If we have done trades in the past and by trades I mean more than 10, contact me, I will tell you what was available in wave 3.

But guys don't get me wrong I have had a blast on here and have had several good laughs, good trades, and good times with you all. I thanks each and everyone of you for those magical hobby moments. Happy Trading and God Bless. Once78 saying once again THANKS TO ALL!!!

I hope one day to come back to the hobby newly energized one day but until then, I'm out. THX!!!
No not another good trader gone!!! Whats been going on here lately? I feel like people have been dropping quicker now than ever.
See you again Cory! Thanks for the past trades!!
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