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Well its been a little while since ive been on the board. Still debating if im going to stick around. Ive had a lot of success outside of site and the pictures below will show what I have been busy doing.

Its been sad watching the board dry up the way they have. Hopefully things will turn around soon.

Any way this is my latest pick ups... Most are PC so have to be blown away to move any. The Harpers are completely off-limits.

Still have a lot more coming in. Will post them later

Thanks for the look

[Image: received_1494045517558650_zpsnsqaumli.jpeg]

[Image: received_174076009602521_zpsllzs5hhq.jpeg]

[Image: received_174076026269186_zpsjgmnypw3.jpeg]

[Image: received_174077159602406_zpscfziponc.jpeg]


[Image: received_173997896276999_zps86hgdh8k.jpeg]

[Image: 20151023_152656_zpsivosawju.jpg]

[Image: received_174223466254442_zps1tumoobz.jpeg]

[Image: 20151022_165236_zpsdgera4w6.jpg]

[Image: 20151014_200005_zps3ehpyh7c.jpg]

[Image: received_172442879765834_zpsevd7l1eb.jpeg]
my god rich that is one sick pujols also nice harpers to
Don't mind my drool...nice cards!!
Saaaaaaawwwwweeeettt Pujols!
Dude, that Pujols is AMAZING.

Also, wanna trade me the Machado, Trout, Myers triple?
I rated your thread a 1 star because I miss the heritage SP Harper. So there.
nice stuff rich
(10-24-2015 06:04 AM)dmbcrush22 Wrote: [ -> ]I rated your thread a 1 star because I miss the heritage SP Harper. So there.

LOL! I was waiting for somebody to bring that up. Well played Sir. Super nice cards. That Pujols is SICK!
Love the Bowman Sterling Harpers! Great stuff!
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