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Active trader must have a trade within the past 90 days.
With many people coming and going and trades sitting stagnate and finally canceling this may help with getting trades going once again

I will keep this list updated at least daily and if you are a player collector, team collector or set collector and if you want to post that I will put your user name with what you are looking for.

If find someone in this list to trade with I put the post number in front of the user name for easy locating and starting a trade.


Active traders are:
1. waynetalger (Nolan Ryan, HOF, Rookies, and many star players collector)

2. buckles2335- (Will be able to restart trading November 14th 2015 {Braves})

3. SF_Giants_2014 (Matt Shoemaker, Buster Posey, Masahiro Tanaka, Kole Calhoun, Will Clark LA Angles & San Francisco Giants)

4. kman9111 (Seattle Mariners, older Braves, Kyle Seager, Ken Griffey Jr, Felix Hernandez, Hank Aaron)

5. mgruber2 (Detroit Tigers,Miguel Cabrera, Nolan Ryan, Will Clark, HOFers, Rookies and Stars)

6. dimarco73 (still trading)

7. nquarry (Carlos Gonzalez, Sam Fuld)

8. woogie23 (Ernie Banks, Anthony Rizzo, Russell Wilson, and set Collector)

9. Hofcollector (Frequently)

10. elberson (still trading Phillies, hof game used cards, star rc, star #d, star autos, and mike Schmidt autos and gu)

11. temple sportcards (Nolan Ryan, Cal Ripken, 1960, 1971, 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates, and in football Houston Oilers, NY Giants)

12. Aprirr (Jonathan Lucroy, Nolan Ryan, HOF autos)

13. greekgooney (HOF autos in Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey)

15. flood and fire (Greg Maddux, sets from the 90's to 2015 all sets card needed is marked as wants)

16. glassnickles (Cubs and Yankees, 2009 Yankee autos)

17. snappyjoe 75 ( trading from time to time)

18. rob024420- (Players patches and autos only of Hunter Pence, Ryne Sandberg, HOFers and Stars)

19. leadmetogreatness (Jeff Bagwell, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Red sox, 1976 sets from all brands like Topps, Kellogs, ect. 2006 Topps Chrome Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, Autos of every Brave and Indian and Red sox {red Sox has a top 5}

20. brian 2345 (Mets Autos and Prospects mostly)

21. bobbymac315 (Gary Carter only)

22. dontpray (kind of active, Andy Van Slyke, Jeremy Hellickson, Tim Salmon, and Random Autographs

23. ryno8669- (I collect Ryne Sandberg, Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Billy McKinney, & Wil Myers allso in the process of reorganizing if sending a trade offer please send a PM)

24. rmpaq5- (Active. Tigers and base sets.)

25. roger rabbit- ( looking for current Indians autos and prospects, bowman chrome prospect autos and high end stuff mainly)

26. scottzoe- (always looking for Red Sox I don't have!)

27. homerjg007- (Hi -I am still looking for Royals & Chiefs)

28. rbanfan- (Players: Carlos Gonzalez, Nolan Arenado, Trevor Story, Rookies, and other Star players & Team: Colorado Rockies, St Louis Cardinals)

29. cmherren2- (I'm Active looking at avatar Cardinals)

30. dmbcrush22- (Looking for Kris Bryant colors, Goldy rookies, Correa rookies, Joc rookies and other prospects and rookie autos!)

31. swirlie- (Henry Owens auto rc , mike trout auto rc, Topps chrome auto rookie from this years baseball and football ,Joc pederson chrome auto rc, Derek jeter sp rcs

32. yankees_pride-(Yankees)

33. franciscomarina- (Always working on sets from heritage and bow a. Looking to add new bowman autos)

35. bamyanks-(Yankee Players: Core Four, Mantle, Maris, Berra, Ford, Munson, Guidry, Mattingly, Brett Gardner, a lot of vintage because I'm trying to do team sets from 50's and 60s. Of course I do collect Gehrig, Ruth and DiMaggio. Players I DO NOT COLLECT; Reggie, A-Rod, CC, Clemens, Tanaka, etc.., I do collect a few non Yankees; for example Aaron, Mays, Musial, Killebrew, Feller, Molitor. I only look for these if I have a little left over on a trade.

36. garrisc- (Just started making trades and enjoying it more than selling, I mostly look for Cubs but will consider anything if it helps the trade)

37. Dukester (Always trading for any Maddux, Pedroia, Wakefield, that I dont have. Also looking to add to my Red Sox and vintage PC and finish off the 1969 and 1975 set....and looking for Joc Pederson's, Mike Trout, and Kris Bryant card mostly base and inserts)

38. Odyssey (I'm looking for too many guys to list specifically though, especially looking for these two for a while now-- 2006 Craig Biggio SP Authentic By the Letter "B" "O" & 1991 Topps Desert Shield Chipper Jones)

39. eharris3abc - (Still trading looking for hof and anything else that catches my eye and Collecting Hall of Fame Players; rookie card, auto, and memorabilia for each member if available)

40. lecreccio - (I'm on the site at least five days a week and make at least one trade a week. Hunting the hardest but not limited to 99 sports reggie jackson 'mr.october', yaz, cepeda,Hrbek,Podres,slaughter,Splittorff,Thomas
2012 tribute superstar swatch BLUE need lincecum)

41. hittinaway - (Still active, just don't post often. Always looking for Griffey and Ichiros I don't have. Also pick up some mid-range Felix Hernandez.)

42. scott23hitman - (Don Mattingly, Albert Pujols, All current and Yankee greats, and set fillers.)

43. cspen - (I'm trying to be active)

44. bunk27 (Active! Still working on Adam Dunn. Yankee team sets. Vintage)

45. demondukk - (Always active, trades and posts Collecting Tom Brady, Rob Gonkowski, Mike Trout and Baseball HOF Relics )

46. ounagi - (.looking for craig kimbrel hof autos jeter and mantle vintage)

48. ringers1993 - ( Tigers mostly Verlander Cabrera and Kaline, Ty Cobb, Detroit Tigers Set Collector)

49. esa0315 - (Barry Bonds and whatever catches my eye)

51. paulkellyjr -(Rickey Henderson, Andrew McCutchen and Billy Hamilton collector)

52. gshankle - (Concentrating on Nolan Ryan but also collecting Texas Rangers & Dallas Cowboys)

54. natejeffries - (I've been active but will be going semi-inactive in the next few weeks while I prepare for a move)

55. tate31nym - (Mike Piazza & Gordon Heyward super collector)

56. eric387387 - (I'm around and trading, Angels cards - Mike Trout, Tyler Skaggs, Garrett Richards, Hunter Green, Kole Calhoun, Sean Newcomb, Joe Gatto, CJ Cron, Alex Yarbrough and Looking for Bowman Chrome Draft and Chrome Prospects set fillers. PM me what you have avail)

57. ne12bc12 - (1. Dustin Pedroia, Select Red Sox Autographs, Select HOF Autographs, Set/Project needs Link to my set needs are in my signature)

58. Christiem - (Still active! Braves stars, HOFers, etc.)

59. mnahoom1 - (I am an active trader.- Baseball and Football, Brands - Topps, Bowman, Panini

62. mjmj1966 - (I'm still active. Mostly a Bowman, Bowman Chrome, Bowman Draft, Finest, and Topps Chrome set builder. Also collect catchers {Collecting all past and present prospect/rookie cards of catchers} and Phillies,

64. JRMdawg311 - (I'm still managing to strike a few trades a month. Looking generally for Giants, Indians or A's. Actively looking for Yan Gomes, Cody Anderson, Will Clark and 2013 Topps Grant Balfour parallels.)

66. dlackey - (Still trading, looking for 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015 Topps Gold cards, 2013-2014 Topps Mini and Mini Gold cards, 2015 Topps Chrome blue, green, purple, pink and sepia refractors. Also looking for Mike Trout and Kris Bryant my daughter needs.)

69. zeprock - (I'm always active trading with anyone who will trade with me. I collect any Hall of Fame player cards and probably have the longest wantlist of anyone on this site. Link to it is in my sig)

70. rossmaute- (I'm active though not on the boards very much. I collect current Giants (Lincecum, Posey, Belt, Bumgarner, Crawford, Pence, Panik, Cain) as well as Ian Kinsler, Nelson Cruz, Pablo Sandoval and also retired guys Will Clark & Kirby Puckett.)

71. buckles2335 - (trading yay)

73. coreybush - (I will be active from now through March. Jeter, Trout, Nolan Ryan, Ripken etc.)

75. wilsonsportscards -(I am active. I am new to online trading but have done a handful in the last month I collect Paul Goldschmidt.)

76. telattt - (This guy {SIG SAYS *RED SOX * PATRIOTS * CELTICS * BRUINS*})

77.ryanmo5 - (I'll be trading here again in 2 weeks, maybe sooner depending on how long it takes to get my org reloaded.{Collecting Paul Goldschmidt and David Peralta})

79. collector1974 - (Trading! Looking for Yankees.)

81. prymetyme1035 - (Tommy Hanson (RIP) , Mike foltynewicz

83. the cardboard fan - (Will be hard for my to trade once I get back going I'll be looking for higher grade HOF'er RC's but glad to see someone is keeping things up here.)

89. bonds20001 - (Very active everyday...have over 1500 trades...
Trade for SF Giants for PC..stars and needs and wants are all posted)

90. david campos - (I am active but have been trying to spend most of my time verifying and adding cards to my organize. I am working on adding a bunch of my minis as I am in the process of building and upgrading some Ginter mini sets. Slowly getting around to working on my trade page as well- SUGGESTION- when sending a trade offer send a PM as well.)

91. chrisa19978 - (cant trade here might be able to buy Looking for Derek Jeter hard to find cards)
I'm active kinda.. Out of town till the 14th.
I'm active!! Give me a look..


Matt Shoemaker
Buster Posey
Masahiro Tanaka


LA Angels
SF Giants
I'm active.

I collect Seattle Mariners

Detroit Tigers
Miguel Cabrera
Nolan Ryan
Will Clark
Still alive and kicking here.
Active: Carlos Gonzalez and Sam Fuld
I'm active, have 3 trades in the mail and 2 pending. Kind of went cross eyed with making sure I wasn't grabbing dupes.

Ernie Banks, Anthony Rizzo, Russell Wilson, and a few sets the wife and I are working on.
Active and trading frequently!
Me too........
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