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I will go in reverse order of what I pulled or else it'll be really anticlimactic.

Parallel - John Tavares #366/999

Parallel - Owen Nolan #431/499

Ruby Parallel - Steven Stamkos #92/399 (missed by 1 number!)

Gold Parallel - Brayden Schenn #23/25

Rookie Year One Sweaters - Leon Draisaitl

Frozen Jersey - Sam Reinhart


Auto Dual Jersey - Alexandre Burrows #22/49!!!

Oh yeah. The Rookie Redemption. Almost Forgot...

Buffalo Sabres #RED206 - Jack Eichel!!!

Pictures of all these lovely cards are currently on everyone's favorite auction site.

Glad to see Upper Deck putting a lot of value in these boxes. Even without the Eichel hit, it's still decent bang for the buck.
Glad to see you got an awesome Hobby break. I picked up a artifacts blaster knowing it would suck and guess what ? Complete and utter suckage. They should be ashamed. I got one Jiri Hudler ruby card. The rest were commons. Not even some crappy legend card thrown in. This product is the worst retail ever. I knew it but my compulsive buying got the best of me.

I will get some hobby over the weekend.
Great Buffalo hit!!


Nice STamkos
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