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Full Version: UD Premier Tin
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Hello again, Beckett Community!

I won! I had to battle Veteran's Affairs Canada, and it took more than three years, but I won! So now my financial situation is a great one, and I decided to hit the LCS for a victory break... but this was all that they had that I found interesting. Oh well...

[Image: Scan_583_zps6pdw7yqw.jpg][Image: Scan_582_zpsvudgnkdd.jpg][Image: Scan_579_zpsmrlami5l.jpg][Image: Scan_578_zpsdrqhdmsm.jpg]

Well now... not a good start.

[Image: Scan_580_zpslfrigurw.jpg]

Well that is a very nice looking card... but the wrong player. Haha! I hope that the RC is a lot better!

[Image: Scan_581_zpswm5wf1jr.jpg]

Nope. Same situation. Absolutely amazing to look at, not that great of a read.

One more to go...

Mark (mswatson), Chris (bruinsfan08)... you need to find me something!

Something good!

Group A!

[Image: CCI15102015_zpsjj1pg9i8.jpg]

Well now! That is a LOT better! These Rinks of Honor cards are sweet! All of these are in the Org. and available for trade. It will take something nice for the PC to get Ovie from me, so be prepared. Haha! Best wishes, Beckett Community!

That's a sweet auto! I wish i had a great Halak or Price for you.
wow. . .surely that's a group A+ ?!
Fantastic break!


WOW!!!! I wish I had something for the Ovi. Sweet Break Randi!!!!!!
Might have to do another deal for that Blake. I saw the pic last night right after I sent the offer back. Ovi saved the day!
Nice hit Randi!
great looking break Randi.

Personally I am not a fan of booklet card but that ovi is sweet. Nice patch on the Brossoit.

Thanks for sharing
Sweetness Congrats on the victory as well
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