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Package arrived from UD with five redemption cards! Very nice surprise:

[Image: SPA%20Joni0002.jpg]

[Image: SPA%20Pastrnak0005.jpg]

[Image: SPA%20Tere0004.jpg]

and Johnny

[Image: SPA%20Johnny%20Gaudreau0003.jpg]

Then about two months ago, I hit a redemption for a 1/1 Ultimate Black Foil of Aaron Ekblad.

UD was right this is certainly has a black foil finish. Hard to even read his name:

The card is super, super thick. It came in a 25 count card box and that was almost too small to hold the card.

[Image: Ultimate%20Aaron%20Ekblad%20Black.jpg]

Very, very pleased to get these in from UD
Incredible package.


Congrats! A very cool piece of the strap!
very sweet
Very nice Ekblad!!!
Sweet cards!
Sweet Button card
very nice for sure!
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