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Just came back from a nice holiday in Kelowna, BC. The scenery was amazing and Im totally relaxed to start work tomorrow, lol. I broke some Tim's, a tin of 2013-14, a tin of 2014-15 and got back some cards from a group break. Here we go!

For the Tim's i have a huge variety of cards that ill put in my org when I can.

2013-14 UD: G2; Lundqvist, YG's 234, 245, 246

2014-15 UD: YG's: 213, 214(Teravainen)

And my 2014-15 Trilogy NJ and Philly group break:

[Image: ac8040be-7788-4e94-8a8d-9e8f6f84308d_zpsjqklg4vj.jpg]

[Image: 8db5f0c4-ab87-49dc-a71f-2d56d22f65de_zpsttrjfbke.jpg]

[Image: DSC01783_zps7bzck0zx.jpg]

[Image: 6b4a553b-c512-4a72-a210-4cd563fb6dec_zpsupujf5h1.jpg]


[Image: 8a76c903-09b3-4f5f-8f01-6d9aa5f8c982_zpsqzwpyjil.jpg]

All are for trade. Im mainly looking for 2007-08 YG's. Have a good night!!
Nice group break, nice stuff.

Sweet Redemption
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