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I used to post on this site a lot 10-15 years back & put together a huge Rob Johnson card collection... I thought I was done until I came across this, & I figure after all these years, I should post what will be the final piece to my collection... after an inadvertent bidding war against my girlfriend and an extra $70 later:

[Image: $_57.JPG]

Thanks to everyone who helped me out with my collection over the years!
Very cool! I don't have any game used stuff myself (other than cards), but have always contemplated trying to get into it. Congrats!
Congrats man I remeber you killer collection. DO you still have it all? Also the GU'ed jersey is sweet I have 7 or 8 in my collection. They are so much cooler to have than a 1 inch by 1 inch square.
Wow! What a walk-off addition! The bidding war against your girlfriend's hilarious... sounds like a keeper.
Nice! Always great to add something that "official" to the collection! Congrats on the big addition!
CSquared. I remember you. You had a CD, or more, right?
I dig It!
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