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the past few weeks I have been getting IMO good deals from the bay
Here's the goods
[Image: E8232D34-7A7A-4C4D-ABF3-F2D53FED2ABA_zpsansofkic.jpg]
[Image: 971085A3-F6EE-4D4D-8FEF-0A3655EC432A_zpsjmspq3hj.jpg]
[Image: CDAC4D1E-6576-4DA2-9D70-5AB522278F23_zpst6xmo0i9.jpg]
And this bad boy. Thought was a great buy at 145
[Image: 3B2C5EC1-3F11-4CCA-B7E3-FAB770204C2D_zpslcmeldax.jpg]
My Bowman Chrome Marshawn Lynch got me these 2
[Image: 63786E4A-3DE5-4FB5-A736-0D9D0DDFA03D_zpssbx7p8hn.jpg]
This sweet BOZ
[Image: 80C18F1D-0D63-42A6-B001-F2BB253826F2_zpslbdsptwa.jpg]
Some card show pick ups
My wife liked BO because of him and his hip, she had had some hip surgery
[Image: E2BD55A0-8DB7-404D-B360-14E404F5ABE3_zpsiwe59pbj.jpg]
[Image: 4D4C88FF-46DA-430A-A706-E52A217DC2BE_zpskxarhoiv.jpg]
Thought these 5 were a good pick up for 120
I had never seen these So may have to do the set lol
[Image: 544FD210-558F-434C-AA53-5FA6F62D31E6_zps4bhdn0yz.jpg]
[Image: 7E56C450-2008-4BFD-A412-0AE1118E2083_zpspidrfcxd.jpg]
[Image: A05D00D6-11E8-447F-A752-4B53ECCFD8D8_zpscckzwrpu.jpg]
[URL=][Image: 544FD210-558F-434C-AA53-5FA6F62D31E6_zps4bhdn0yz.jpg]

[Image: 93148700-D511-4C60-8142-713C39F56760_zpsx44t8upg.jpg]
[Image: BECF0499-1803-4DB7-AAB2-BAE523E26A64_zpsm4yyowce.jpg]
Then traded the Luck I just pulled and 150 for this. Not sure how I feel on that but I'm kinda happy with it. Woulda been happier with just 100
Lol. It's #4/10!!!!
[Image: BE4D9DC8-4334-4735-8D46-51BB281843FB_zpswewwvx8s.jpg]
Then the huge trade and cash deal
Traded about 960 worth cards that included the Anthony Davis contenders, so miss that already lol and the UD red ink Mariota, the Jordan/DrJ dual g/u, a Jabari Parker nice auto/patch Rc for 400 cash and this #2/5!!!!!!
[Image: AF3D9FE8-AB5A-4B98-9159-DC9F8BB45052_zpsj6ahffqm.jpg]
BTW just one Barry of the Topps Archives lol
Congrats on the adds, I dig the look of those 2001 Topps Archives jersey cards!
(09-27-2015 11:23 PM)jplarson Wrote: [ -> ]Congrats on the adds, I dig the look of those 2001 Topps Archives jersey cards!

Yeah those are awesome!!!
I've never seen the Archives jerseys, but now I want to do the set... nice stuff Mike, dang!
Dope Barry cards!! I love trilogy too, one of my favorite products! Congrats!
Thanks guys!!! Yeah those archives are awesome
Of course I like the Barrys. GO POKES!! LOL. Nice stuff all around. The placement of the Lynch auto on the dual bugs me a little though.
Yeah coulda been to the right just a little more lol. At least the AP part looks good lol
Nice stuff!
Nice pickups! That's a nice haul!
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