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I've wanted to add an example of this set for a long time. Haven't seen Anthony Thomas or Brian Urlacher come up so I figured this was the next best thing.

2003 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Glass Plaques

Very nice!
I have a Jerry Rice (Raiders uniform) / 150.

Great add. I think the glass plaques are under appreciated.
I have a couple different ones of those and the wall plaques with autographed jersey numbers packed up somewhere. They were really cool back when they came out and they still look great now. They are definitely one of the hidden gems in terms of creativity from card companies.
Love these, I've held off on bidding on a couple of Edge that pop up...don't need a closet full of 'em, but it'd be cool Wink

Nice add, hopefully now that you broke the seal a Bear will show up!
Oh thats pretty sweet! Nice addition!
Loved those and the framed jerseys!
Always a good day when you can add memorabilia from the greatest team of all time! Tongue
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