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Full Version: Well Hello There!
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Good day, Beckett Community!

I have not been breaking lately, but had an influx of extra cash over the past little while, so I wanted to treat myself. Though the mail has been treating me absolutely AMAZINGLY (more on that in another thread), I felt the urge to see what I can get from some wax.

I have been seeing a lot of the Team Canada Juniors being broken, and with Connor McJesus taking the hobby by storm, I jumped the bandwagon.

[Image: Scan_546_zpse0yzrkvy.jpg][Image: Scan_541_zpssj7oslql.jpg][Image: Scan_542_zpsgddfetu0.jpg][Image: Scan_543_zpsf0zeqrkv.jpg][Image: Scan_544_zpsiaoxhopz.jpg][Image: Scan_545_zpszxfz1jxi.jpg][Image: Scan_547_zpsysb0lxgk.jpg]

Meh... I don't even know who these kids are. Haha! Hopefully there will be some names there. This was the second break of the day for me, however.

I started the day off with an absolutely SICK mailday, which put me in the hobby mood! I headed up to the small hobby shop up the road to see if I could snag some more One Touch holders. He had what I needed, and I spied a couple of mini-boxes from 2013-14 Upper Deck Trilogy sitting in his VERY SMALL display case (five products...) with a sticker of $60 on each. It was a gamble, but I like the rookie crop.

The first pack heralded a Signature Puck, so I put it off to the side before i learned who it was. The second pack held this...

[Image: Scan_539_zpsztmebtgl.jpg]

Yuck. It may be a Level 2, but still. Yuck! Third pack...

[Image: Scan_540_zpsgbzxh7xl.jpg]

Slightly better, but multi-player cards are so 2003! At least I knew that I had a card with some trade value on the side of the counter waiting for a reveal.

You ever see that Simpson's episode (Who Shot Mr. Burns?) where Homer gets a letter that upsets him, and he yells, causing Ned Flanders to stick his head out of his window and exclaim "Dear Lord! That's the loudest profanity I've ever heard!"? Yeah... I did that. But in a good, HOLY ***ORGAN BLARING*** kinda way.

Mike (the LCS owner) actually asked me who it was...

[Image: Scan_538_zpsog4vnhjr.jpg]

Well now... that makes that a $60 well spent!!! All of these (save for the Team Canada Juniors) are in my Org. and available. The Wayne might be selling, but I don't know yet. Best wishes, Beckett Community!

You have to be kidding me! Unreal Randi.
Wow, wow, wow....good juniors but awsome great one!!
Super great one hit.

Lawson Crouse is a 2015 first round pick (11th overall) by Florida. You got a real nice auto patch of him.

Morin is going to be a defensive stud for Philly.
Never heard of him........ I'll take it for bait if you want to move it........LOL VERY NICE HIT!!
Amazing hit on the Gretzky
Congrats on the Hit randi! Looks like I need to find more habs now!
sweet great one
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