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So I decided that I'll swing by the cards and take a look. I never buy anything 99/100 times but I noticed some cheap packs and grabbed one that "could" have a Hartline in it

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Well it didn't, but this is ok I guess

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This thing has been beat on, searched through, thrown to the side, dropped, and stored for 3 years. The fact that it looks good is beyond belief!!

Anyone gotta Hartline Letter laying around lol Tongue
Damn! Congrats! You or wifey a hand model? Tongue
Very, very cool pull, made even sweeter by the fact that it came from a clearance pack!
Man, that is sweet!!!!
That's awesome ... a couple of years back I bought 11 packs of clearly pack searched Prestige basketball because I just needed a few base cards for my set.

I pulled this guy:

[Image: Unibrow2.jpg]

Eat it, pack searchers!
I'm betting you got your money back. Great pull.
Awesome hit. I never would've expected to see anything that good come out of a pack that has been sitting there for so long. Glad to see the pack searchers missed that one.
Is there any way a pack searcher could feel a card like this out?
I guess searchers can feel the indents of the sticker, even though it's in the middle.. Idk I never played with a pack long enough to find the "sweet spots"
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