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I have a 1998 BGS 9 Pinnacle Inscriptions Peyton Manning autograph (BGS ID # 609475). I was curious if anyone had any details/information regarding the card. I have heard a rumor that these were extremely limited in print run and liquidated in bankruptcy auctions by Pinnacle. Is anyone familiar with the 1998 Pinnacle Inscriptions subset?

Any help and assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Courey M

[Image: bf3335a7-9a3d-4c86-a9ed-80c12b914796_zps81xrercn.jpg]

[Image: 3f18973a-3e72-4813-aa35-4906d1a4509a_zpsbq4dmnrr.jpg]
Its a very rare card. Definitely the scarcest of his RC Autos. Hard to track information on this set because some were never signed and some were forged and some were signed after the fact, some were inscribed 1/1. I have an unsigned Marino and I love it
Seriously, seriously rare. I have the only PSA 10 graded Marino / Elway Pen Pals dual autograph and I bought that from a fellow registry member who was liquidating their set. Outside of that I haven't even seen a raw card offered. That's a great Manning piece, definite keeper. I've managed to run down almost all of the unreleased stuff from 98 Pinnacle, but these are scarce.
I don't have any info, but that's a great card!
How come they didnt' grade the auto?
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