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Full Version: To the techs and CO
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I just tried to add around 150 cards to my 2014 Topps. Well guess what It only took me about 2 hours to get it done. I think one would ask why did it take so long. The reason being is the cards are out of order. At first I just started to find them with the search option. Then I thought, this going to take forever. So I started looking at the 2014 Topps folder. After studying it for a while, I noticed all the newly added cards were at the top of the first page. OK that's not bad. Then I noticed all the cards that I had more than 1 of, were in their proper order. So I started bouncing from one page to another. I thought wow this is pretty slow. So then I started to go through my cards, find the cards on page one, and setting the other cards aside. Once I got that done. Putting them in the proper place in my box. I started going through them again putting the doubles and other cards that were not on the front page, In proper order. Now let's see that means because the cards are out of order I had to go through my box of cards three times. I really believe that if the cards were in the proper order, I most likely could have got it done in a half an hour. This has happened a lot. Luckily I am retired and have lots of time. But it sure is tiring. I recently purchased a full year for all sports. I can honestly say, I will never do that again. The reason is that no one seems to like to keep the customers they have. Instead of trying to get new things going on Beckett. Do you think it's possible to make the programs work the way they are supposed to. If things aren't fixed pretty soon I will be leaving Beckett forever. And not only fixed for now, to appease the customer, but fixed permanently. I am sure their are a lot of people that feel the same as I do. I have been with Beckett for around 7 years. So I have had a lot of heartaches over the years. They even lost my entire collection Once. Luckily at that point on time I only had around 50,000 cards listed. But because I hoped Beckett would get things running right. I put all them cards back in and more. Now I am up to around 190,000 different cards. around 500,000 cards total. YA I AM STILL HOPING BECKETT WILL GET THINGS RUNNING RIGHT AND KEEP THAT WAY. OR I AM DONE WITH BECKETT.
I have been around Beckett for 16+ years and have lost a collection twice..promised it would come back..nope..Have complained about stars in trades, cards out of order..trades out of order in offer mode..making trades very hard to do..and I have over 1250 trades!!

I have slogged through many things on Becket..mainly because there is not a real alternative and they know it..many other sites seem to be good..but they do not have the following etc...

Other trades and sales sites were promising..but having to load a picture or send cards off to sell was a hassle too...

All that said..this site is SO MUCH BETTER than it was before..15...10..even 5 years ago...

Hope for continued improvement that are user driven..not profit is a business..I do not mind them making $$..but they need to deliver service for that value..
Got Back today, Noticed all my cards are in order. It is just to bad that people have to get upset to get things done. I also like Beckett very much. The only thing I ask, Is when people complain, Who have been With Beckett for 5 years or more, At least give a response on the trouble people are having and give a reason or a time frame when it will be fixed. The reason I say 5 years or more is because Newbies, as I like to call new folks on Beckett, have a lot to learn about the system. Thanks to the Beckett folks for getting my little problem fixed. John
To bonds20001, I think we done a couple trades in the past. I am closing in on 700 trades
the fix had nothing to do with this thread. it's the same issue as disappearing cards issue: once they re-index (usually every night or every other night), the issues get fixed

also: beckett staff does not read the help forum. the help forum is for member to member help. occasionally the mods will forward large system wide issues to dev staff and such, but in general, this help forum is for us to help each other
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