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So I'm trying to do this without messing my org all up. I want to add the last 2-3 years worth of Sandbergs (I've been away for awhile) into my organize. Anyone have any suggestions?

Do I:

1. Look up Ryne Sandberg and the first selection brings his name up with all of the cards listed in beckett.

2. Click on the add to Org on the right side.

3. Then select my folder where all of my old sandbergs are chiling at in my org.

4. Also make the default of "1" for my wants.

Will this only add Sandberg's that are not already in my org and at the same time add a "1" in the want column of only those "new" Sandberg's being added to my org.

I'm asking 'cause I don't want to do this and then have over 5000 duplicates to deal with. Plus have all of my current already haves into haves and wants...

Hope someone can understand what I'm asking here...
Meh, guess I'll wing it...
What I normally do when I have a lot of 1 Player to add Is: I go through the cards and put them together by the Year, Then Company, Name. This will bring up all the, Lets say Sandbergs for the year and company you chose. Then I just go down though my cards, Click on the add box on the left. Then I go back to the top of that page and click the add selected box. It takes a while, but it's better than adding 1 at a time. I also make a Folder called "". I mark it like that so that it ends up at the top of the selection box. Then when you get them in that folder, all you need to do is click the select all box, then the appropriate blue column box, type a 1 and then they are in you organize. Works great for me.
Don't just add it as "want". Add it as "Trade For" also or it will not show (assuming working that day) as a star in the trade page with your prospective trading partner.
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