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Ok, sorry if this has been posted already as I did not search through the entire list of issues. My problem is that I have just completed several trades over the last month or so. I am having a probem moving my cards from Recently Traded to my individual folders/collections. Most of the time, I can't even see the cards that are in the Recently Traded folder until I refresh it a few times. I am down to a handful of cards that when I select them, choose move to, pick my folder and click on it, the site spins for a moment and then flashes up a red bar across the top saying that I can only move items that are in my collection. These are there but I can't move them. All of these cards are from trades I made through Beckett and both parties have completed all parts of the trades so there should be no problems with the move. I even attempted to delete the items so I could just search and add on my own but I still get the same error.


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