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Full Version: Box Break Trading
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Hello - after an unintentionally long hiatus from trading, I've made my way back by busting two hobby boxes of 2015 Goodwin Champions. I'm usually a Ginter person, but this was a lot of fun too. Some of the more interesting finds are below:

 photo 64655ea8-8228-4bed-a3ca-c0f82ab66001_zpsib2g7scz.jpg

 photo 0c9d35bf-0d08-41cc-8aeb-d29111ac7a68_zpstaikxbvp.jpg
 photo E6639118-CDB8-4E04-B7A0-D58DAFA93561_zpsrovwuujs.jpg

 photo a15c01cd-482c-43d8-9c5b-e11af2d7595a_zpsbqp8nvof.jpg

 photo 85fef7cb-1644-447f-9468-d50d3a3a5ee2_zpsck6uktwv.jpg

 photo 7e8823a0-d54b-40fa-88fb-cb5e14261ada_zpslfvfzfqg.jpg

I think these are "canvas" minis:
 photo de9273d4-47b1-49f8-b802-220328af741c_zpsr3mrpzzj.jpg

So nice I got him twice:
 photo f5dd4420-fe0b-41b7-976d-f2a357caa9d0_zpsgmdy3lp7.jpg

Everything is FT, and I'll be adding more to my org over the weekend. Please send me an offer if you're interested in anything or need some set help!
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