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Looking to make a bulk trade for commons of early 90s collectors choice good signatures, pinnacle, sportsflics, etc artists proofs, and stadium club first day issue. Wanting to put together some
Complete sets and figured I might as well start with the commons. Willing to give you $50 BV in your favor for a larger trade
I too am working on some of these sets.

-93 first day issue
-94 pinnacle museum collection
-94 electric diamond

Have about 60 extra first day issues at this point and a handful of museum collections. If you want to wait until you have some extras we can swap card for card, or I could trade them to you now
Check me
I only have a couple, but if you're doing football too, then I could probably come up with over 100 various old parallels.
I know I still have a few. Are you looking to complete any 97 score showcase series or artist proofs, cause I have a ton of those as well.
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