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So a co-worker of mine and I decided to take a little lunch trip to the LCS. We split a box of Stadium Club and 2 boxes of Finest. I got lucky and pulled both autos from Stadium Club, and yielded the biggest hit of the day....check em out below. All are loaded for trade along with various other ones from today
[Image: image1_5.jpg]

And now the big boy....Sandberg/Dawson dual /50
[Image: image2_6.jpg]
Nice auto's man. I love this years Finest dual auto's. I just wish they were on card like the rest of the Finest auto's.
Great lunch!!

Will check you here shortly to se if you pulled any refractors I'm looking for.
nice hit!!! thats the way to do lunch!!
Check me for the Betances if you would like.
WOW! That dual is awesome!
(07-29-2015 09:20 PM)bonemarro Wrote: [ -> ]Check me for the Betances if you would like.

Sorry bud, couldn't find anything I really need.
Thanks all, I can definitely say it's the best lunch I've had in quite some time. Headed back to the LCS on Friday to pick up a few more boxes of stuff, so be on the lookout for more! Sandberg/Dawson still available by the way!
Nice dual man! Congrats!
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