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Look for equal bv trades
[Image: 071215_zps6tubzixm.jpg]
[Image: 0002_zpsga6ly1hf.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150503_0001_zps1m5cv9q4.jpg]
[Image: 0003_zps8dcuyd2h.jpg]
[Image: 0001_zpsjigvrn1y.jpg]
Can use the Trout, anything in my org for it?

Check me for Tulo and JoFer please
Nice cards, I am interested in the Tulo, Turner, and Thomson, feel free to check my org, thanks
open offer sent ty
check me for the springer
I added the Jofer to the open offer I sent.
Are you looking for any players in particular in a trade? Please give me a look for the Sonny and Pedroia.
Interested in the Sandberg if you are interested in selling. PM me a price if so. Thanks
interested in the pedroia auto and jose Fernandez auto feel free to browse my org thanks
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