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I have about a 5000 count box if anyone is in need
Do you have any 1992 black gold. I always wanted to attempt that set ever since it came out.

PS Wish it was all 1990. I have 5 sets already hand built, but starting #6 and maybe #7 wouldn't hurt.
I do have 1990 as well. And a hand full of blak gold. And gold rookies
I would be interested in the 1990 and 1992 Black Gold. How many are there and what trae value?
Did you decide to hang onto these?
(07-10-2015 08:58 PM)GoStros Wrote: [ -> ]Did you decide to hang onto these?

Nope just got to dig them back out.

You just want the gold from 92 and all 1990?
Yup, I got a thing for those two sets. The only two Leaf sets worth a darn in my opinion.
Did ya ever pull these out?
I have added some vintage Yankees to my org
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