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Hey folks. I am looking to acquire a lot of Bowman and Bowman Chrome cards in bulk quantities. What would the best way to trade for them? I really do not like the idea of straight up, dollar for dollar, unless it is for the same type of card like commons for commons. I am willing to trade for mass quantities in exchange for some of the rookies, stars, GU, & AU cards, just not dollar for dollar. Like say an AU I have that has a BV of say $12. I would not like trading it for $12 BV of commons and semi-stars. I would like to trade it for more than that, because the cards I want to trade for are essentially dust collectors that have no use in your collection. My question for the forum is, how much should I shoot for? What value should I give the commons in this trade? And how many would you offer me for trade for any of the cards in my org?

Does this all make sense?
Hey bud, this makes total sense. I'd be willing to do a trade like his with you, just need to load up more of my Bowman stuff. Pretty much all my Bowman aside from a lot of my 2015 is loaded but I can work on some of that today and get it in there. Take a look at my org, shoot me an offer for anything you see listed so far and I'll work on getting the 2015 stuff in there.
Thanks, I will take a look.
I have tons of bowman and bowman chrome to trade. I am interested in trading my bowman and chrome cards for some Allen and Ginter, Topps Heritage or Gypsy Queen base/inserts/minis, etc. Let me know if you're interested. I can do better stars for similar cards as well and I have rookies of a lot of the chrome stuff that I would trade for other rookies or autos possibly.
I have some of the type of cards you are looking for. Not a lot, but I do have some. Checkout what I have. Today I have made a lot of trades involving 2014 Bowman so I think I am good on them. Looking now for 2015 Bowman and Chrome, 2013 Chrome, and 2012 Chrome
Check me. I will go for 1/3 of the value.
Will do. Thanks
Thank you to all who have made me some really great deals thus far. Still looking for more.
Any word on our trade? Left comments for you in it. Please check and respond. Thanks!
I have a bunch of Bowman and Bowman Chrome from 2006. Are you interested at all in that year?
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