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Have a few 2015 Diamond Kings that need a home.

 photo 2015-06-22 19.52.45_zps02eixtkd.jpg
SP Bunt
 photo 2015-06-22 19.55.45_zpsacghseo1.jpg

 photo 2015-06-22 19.56.23_zpsllaevacc.jpg

Red Border
 photo 2015-06-22 19.57.07_zpsgjgpxjoq.jpg

Red Border 13/49
 photo 838d6774-39dd-4a9a-a15a-6cb007c4f7be_zpsir7epenx.jpg
what do you want for the Pederson and the Ranaudo ? PM me if you want to sell or trade it......thanks
check me for both of the ranaudo
i'll get in line for trade for the Joc...
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