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Hi All,

I'm working on the following sets:

1993 Stadium Club First day issues
1994 Museum Collection
1994 Upper Deck electric Diamond
2012 Bowman Blue /500
2012 Bowman Draft Blue /500
2013 Bowman Blue /500
2013 Bowman Draft Blue /500

Not looking to trade for these, I am looking to buy lots of preferably 20 or more cards at a time (can be across multiple sets).

I am about one reasonable sized lot of each away from starting to look for singles.

I have set prices I have been buying at, sight unseen, without you needing to list out #'s of what you have etc... I've been able to get a deal done with my initial offer on all transactions or contacts I have had.

All I need to know is the # of unique cards you have from each set and I will offer up my per card price, and I will pick up the shipping costs (this is why it must be 20 or more cards).

If you have some premium players from those sets, I will obviously pay for those individually at fair market value. If you are looking looking to nickel and dime for semistars etc..., I'm really not interested in dealing with that.

Let me know if you have 20+ and hopefully we can work out a deal. Most of the commons from these sets (not necessarily the first day issues) are money losers on comc., selling below the .25 it costs for you to list, so I'm aiming for the sweet spot where it is a win-win.


I may have some of your 93-94 needs (bonds and Alomar), when your looking for singles
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