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Looking for Bregman/Yelich I don't have... Trying to lure them out of the woodworks/PC's.

Have some other goodies coming in soon... But here are some things that are marked in the ORG. Cole/Cutch's will be VERY tough to give up. Would have to be the right Yelich need.

Top Wants
1.) '13 Topps Chrome update Megabox Gold Refractor /250 (have never seen one).
2.) '13 Topps Sapphire /25
3.) '13 Topps Chrome Red Auto or silver-ink /25 (or better)
4.) '13 Platinum red /25
5.) '10 Chrome Gold Refractor non-auto /50 or better
6.) '13 Sterling Purple Rc /10
7.) '13 Draft Orange Ice /5
8.) Of course... Any 1/1's or low numbered's I don't have....
9.) Heritage Minors Dual Jersey w/ Jofer /25

Also interested in any Alex Bregman I don't have.

[Image: scan1.jpg]
Harvey /125, Archer /99, Walker /10, Gwynn (annc'd #/25), Cutch /299

[Image: scan2_1.jpg]

Miggy /100 (not #'d, but stated print run), Sale /499, Fisk /72, Bogey /399

[Image: scan4.jpg]

Hanson /50, Moore /100, Zunino /199

[Image: scan3.jpg]
Kolek Ref., Bundy Ref. /199

[Image: Scan8.jpg]
Yelich golds /50, black /100, blue /199, Breg. '10 base, Bregman '11 Ref. /417. Have a crapton more yelich and bregman for trade if interested.

[Image: Scan6.jpg]

[Image: scan5.jpg]
C'mon. Someone has to have a yelich printing plate or low #'d I need out there. Anyone? Beuller?
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